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Clients (people who have used an immigration lawyer’s services) can submit reviews on the ILO platform about their experience. ILO encourages clients to share their honest opinions, whether they are unfavourable or positive. These reviews help other potential clients either to use that lawyer’s services, or to look elsewhere. Reviews help law firms to manage the quality of their legal advice. Positive reviews help the best lawyers to thrive, whilst negative reviews expedite the closure of poor legal practices.

Client reviews on the ILO platform are designed to give users genuine feedback from past clients. Our mission is to capture all the enthusiasm – both positive and negative – that clients have about a law firm or lawyer they have recently used, whilst avoiding the use of reviews which advertise, promote or mislead.

We do not permit reviews which are misleading – either positive or negative. We do not tolerate any review which is written to mislead or manipulate users of the site or to deliberately intimidate a law firm or lawyer. Law firm staff are prohibited to review their own law firm. Genuine reviews help others to learn more about the services and their experience. Prospective clients can see the firm’s star rating in order to decide whether that law firm or lawyer is right for their important immigration case.

We ask that reviewers only review a particular law firm or lawyer once, even if they have used them frequently. If you are a regular client, please state this in the review.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of reviews and content which we do not accept on the ILO platform:

  • An unhappy client that posts multiple negative reviews, when only one should be posted.
  • Any review in exchange for money or a discounted legal service.
  • Relatives of a lawyer posting bogus positive reviews in order to increase rankings for that law firm.
  • A lawyer posts a false, negative reviews about a competitor.
  • Any reviews which are made on a quid pro quo basis with another immigration lawyer.

Further examples of prohibited reviews

  • Defamatory and/or illegal content
  • Obscene or distasteful content
  • Profanity or hateful words
  • Promotion of immoral conduct
  • Phone numbers, addresses, and URLs

If we have removed a review and you are of the view that we have made a mistake, please get in touch with us and we shall consider your request.

ILO are the arbiter of all reviews. Our policy is to err on the side of the removal of dubious reviews. We shall only consider one appeal. For further information, please read our website terms and conditions of use.

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