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The Immigration Lawyers Organisation provides comfort to clients that their immigration case is being carried out to the highest of standards.

Few legal processes are as daunting as trying to establish your legal rights in a foreign country. Entrusting a lawyer at any time is a big decision, but to entrust a lawyer in a foreign land with your immigration status is a monumental decision. If a lawyer makes a mistake in an immigration case, the impact on a client is frequently catastrophic. Deportations and restrictions on the ability to work, are often the outcome of negligent immigration legal advice.

ILO exists to root out some incompetent immigration lawyers, wherever they are in the world. ILO’s ambition is to become the international regulator of immigration lawyers.

Run by British lawyers, ILO also seeks to connect clients with the best immigration lawyers in the world. Lawyers who provide an excellent level of service should be easy to find; their law practices should thrive.

In due course, ILO will foster relationships between immigration lawyers around the world.

ILO was the brainchild of a British lawyer who was appalled at the standard of legal advice provided to foreign nationals in Britain. Often, immigration clients had to sue their immigration lawyer due to the result of poor immigration legal work.

Our Newest, Verified Lawyers.

Immigration lawyers who have been fully vetted by the ILO.

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