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The ILO, founded by Andrew Gray, was created in order to improve the quality of immigration law practiced internationally.

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Founder of the ILO

Andrew is a UK-based lawyer/solicitor, who qualified in 2007. Andrew has worked for large and small law firms across Northern England. He has represented public companies, SMEs, individuals, charities, trade unions and individuals.

In 2012, Andrew formed his own law firm – Truth Legal – which, among other things, provided immigration legal advice throughout the UK. In 2022, Andrew sold his law firm to his colleagues. Andrew also co-founded Luscombe Gray solicitors. Andrew is a past President of the Harrogate and District Law Society.

Over the years, Andrew has trained hundreds of doctors to be expert witnesses in court. Andrew has served several times as a charity trustee, ran an international NGO and a debating organisation, as well as standing for the UK Parliament.

Andrew runs the non-profit Crowd Wisdom Project, which uses artificial intelligence to collate the best ideas within a large group of people and then to build consensus. Andrew also owns an English language school in Spain.

Andrew created ILO in order to improve the quality of immigration law practiced internationally. As a lawyer, Andrew represented many clients who had received poor quality immigration advice from their own immigration lawyer, leaving them in a precarious situation. As a result, Andrew successfully sued a number of immigration lawyers, but no amount of money can make up for the distress and disruption caused by negligent immigration legal advice.

ILO’s mission is to promote best immigration practice globally and to promote the best firms. Using ILO’s methodology, the best immigration lawyers internationally should thrive to the betterment of all immigration clients.

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