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Australia is one of the most livable countries in the world, and that is why thousands of international individuals apply for Australian visas every year to migrate. However, many of those applications get rejected due to a variety of reasons. If it is your first time, you may find the visa application process confusing, and many of your doubts may remain unsolved and unanswered. Here is where you will need help from a registered Adelaide migration agent. This blog discusses how a registered agent can help you with the immigration process and consider what you should consider when hiring one.

Who is a migration agent?

A migration agent provides valuable immigration advice and assists their clients in the process of immigration. In Australia, migration agents need to be registered with the OMARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority), a part of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. All these agents get approval from the Australian Government to provide migration services.

How can a migration agent be able to help you with your application process?

Migration agents can effectively make your application process effortless and reduce stress from you. When it comes to immigration assistance, they are the best option to choose. To provide immigration assistance, an immigration agent from Adelaide will help an applicant with the visa issues and visa application procedure by:

  • offering valuable advice about a visa issue or a visa matter,
  • preparing or assisting in preparing a visa application, and
  • representing the client in court or review proceedings related to a visa issue.

Detailed information about the migration agents can be found on the official website of OMARA. If you are outside Australia, you can also seek assistance from a professional as Australian migration agents are based across the globe. Using the search tool, you can easily check whether or not there is a migration agent near you.

What are the benefits of hiring a migration agent?

From an effortless visa application to higher success rates, the benefits of hiring a migration agent from Adelaide will be many.

They are experts in their field
For several people, carrying out a visa application on their own can be challenging. There are detailed instructions one has to keep in mind in every step of the visa application, and everything should also be done correctly. Hiring a migration professional can reduce this burden as many students suffer from student visa 500 applications. They have expertise in this field and have year-long experience in helping many people with successful applications.

Another point to note here is that migration agents have to follow a code of conduct, for which they are obliged to work in the best interest of their clients. It means you will receive professional immigration advice from them throughout the visa application process and can contact them anytime you want to clear your doubts.

Registered migration agents have the complete authority to help applicants

One of the most significant benefits of working with a migration agent in Adelaide is that they have the registration with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. OMARA-registered migration agents are allowed to submit the visa application on behalf of their clients.

It means that the Australian Government constantly supervises them. That is why immigration experts always advise applicants to get help from registered migration agents to avoid the complexities of the process.

They possess up-to-date information about visa rules and regulations

Australian Immigration is very strict about visa application, and missing one step can lead to an application refusal, after which things can become more complicated. Various legal matters are associated with a visa application that your registered migration agent can know of.

Registered migration agents go through continuous professional development to maintain their immigration knowledge. They always have up-to-date knowledge of the latest immigration laws and procedures, and thus hiring them can ensure your application to be 100% compliant with the law.

You will have the chance to choose from several options

Visa information should be kept private and can only be shared with the migration agent you are working with. Thus, it will be essential for you to feel as comfortable as possible. Many experts suggest that you must first submit the visa application with several different agents and then check who suits you the best. As per instructions given by MARA, a minimum of 3-4 migration agents should be consulted before selecting the most reliable individual.

There will be much less stress

The visa regulations go through frequent changes, which has made the visa application procedure more complex and problematic. In addition to filling the application, a registered migrant professional can do other things, too. They can help you understand these regulations and offer professional advice on making a complete application without much effort.

It will be cheaper compared to the cost of the application getting rejected

There is a substantial visa application charge that you have to pay to complete your application. Thus, if your visa application gets refused after going through a complicated and lengthy process, nothing can be more painful than it, and it will cost you even more if you review the decision. A migration agent will charge you a fee, without any doubt, but it will be much less compared to the total cost of the entire process.

Higher success rate

Before making your final decision, it will be better to check the testimonials and reviews given by the clients to see the reliability and credibility of the agent. If you find the records satisfactory, you can consider hiring that person.
Good response times
Visa applications are time-bound and need to be finished within a fixed time frame. For this reason, it will be highly essential for a migration agent to give a prompt response before it is too late. When you initially consult them, note the time they are taking to respond to you.

They can streamline the whole process

Registered migration agents in Adelaide know which documents you should submit and how you should prepare them. Their advice on preparing documents can streamline the visa application process.
Migration agents also represent their clients in their dealings with the Government of Australia. They can discuss with the Department of Home Affairs on their clients’ behalf if their situation has changed. It saves the visa applicants a significant amount of time.

They can provide support in English

You may be fluent in English, but still, you may find understanding immigration paperwork highly complicated because of the technical terms and laws. But, your English proficiency can benefit you while dealing with the migration agent. You can work with someone who has adequate fluency in English and can help you prepare the complete set of documents.

Final words

There are many migration agents based in Adelaide, contacts of whom can be found on the website of the OMARA and in the migration firms. However, while hiring a migration agent, you have to consider several factors, the most important of which is whether they are registered with the OMARA. Other factors include the fee, reviews, and response times. Another point to remember is that you have also to fill out a separate form and submit it along with your application.