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Are you planning to build a bright career in the field of your choice? For that, it is essential to pursue the right education from a renowned education provider. It is a dream for almost every student to complete higher education at a foreign university.

If you are also on the same stream, then it is possible to make your dream change into reality by making your way to New Zealand. The country today is no longer an ordinary destination for immigrant students.

With an abundance of unique experiences, you can easily build a bright future by meeting certain criteria. The country is not only well-known for its majestic landscapes, but also for housing world-class universities and colleges.

Studying in New Zealand will be a highly fruitful deal for the following salient features:

  • Competitive tuition fee
  • Scholarship grants
  • Wide range of research opportunities

Whatever field of study you choose to go with, New Zealand has something for almost everyone. Do not think twice before leaping now!

What are the Various Scholarship Schemes Available in New Zealand?

There are several scholarship schemes available in New Zealand to help cover the cost of studying. The rebate students will come across will make it highly feasible for students from almost all walks of life.

Before knowing about the details regarding the scholarship, it is time to peep into some of the best universities in New Zealand to enroll with an approved student visa NZ. With more than eight universities, making the selection is easy based on:

  • Academic focus
  • Student culture

Main university campuses are available in Auckland, Palmerston North, Lincoln, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, Dunedin and Wellington. The universities that have gained a space in the list of being among the best as per QS World University Rankings are:

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Otago
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Canterbury
  • Lincoln University
  • University of Waikato
  • Massey University

After coming across the list of some of the top universities in New Zealand, it is time to peep into the various types of scholarship schemes available for students.

What are the Various Types of Student Scholarships Available in Auckland?

After getting approval for the student visa in NZ, you must be looking forward to cover the cost of studying in the country. Though you may have the right finances in your hands, still why not apply for a scholarship?

Getting a grant for the scholarship will cover a large percentage of tuition fees, expenses of living, and additional costs. Below are some of the most popular types of scholarship schemes that international students can avail:

  • New Zealand International Scholarships
  • University of Otago International Pathway Scholarship
  • University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship
  • Victoria University of Wellington International Excellence Scholarship

These scholarship schemes can be availed by international students based on academic merit. To know about the minimum eligibility criteria to avail of these scholarships, better get in touch with a highly experienced immigration adviser.

Even after carrying out several research on scholarship schemes, a few points remain void. Working with a professional will clarify almost all your doubts at the best.

Do you know that an interview with an immigration officer is the last stage of the student visa interview process? Below are some tips to clear the interview session smoothly….

Smart Tips to Clear the Student Visa Interview Session Smoothly

Generally, maximum student visa NZ interviews are conducted over the phone. But, in some cases, applicants may be called for an in-person interview. Now, whatever the mode of the interview, you must take it seriously.

There are some important points to consider at the time of preparing for the interview so that your application gets approved on the first chance. Those points include the following:

  1. Knowing the exact type of visa applying for – There are several sub-categories associated with student visas. The immigration officer may request you to name the type of visa you have applied for along with the reason.

You must be desperate and smart enough to answer the question. You better have words with an immigration lawyer to know more in detail.

  • Preparing yourself for common questions – The immigration officer may put up any question during the interview. From study plans to the reason for choosing the specific university, you can be asked any type of question.

To get approval in the first chance, you should do some research about the University chosen. Try to be confident enough and avoid stammering while answering questions.

  • Avoid getting in a panic while answering – One more important tip at the time of answering an interview is to avoid panic and being in a hurry. Instead, better be in a cool and calm position while answering your questions.

If you receive a call from the officer while outside, then better request the honor to call you back after a few minutes.

  • Being honest and answering to the point – The most important point to consider at the time of appearing for a student visa NZ interview is being honest. For a positive outcome, it is good to remain open in your responses. Avoiding generic answers is good.

Also, try to have a proper understanding of the question before answering. Do not forget to answer to the point and avoid long explanations. Else, you may lose focus resulting in an unpleasant outcome.

  • Working on communication skills – Having fluency in English is important at the time of clearing an interview with an immigration officer. You better start with the preparation in advance so that you can avoid getting stumped.

Do not forget to dress appropriately and arrive on time. Arriving early will let you avoid any type of last-minute rush. Punctuality shows the immigration officer that you are serious about the process.

These are some exclusive tips that you must consider at the time of preparing for the interview round for student visa NZ. To come across decent updates on immigration rules, better join hands with a reliable immigration consultant.

Working with experienced immigrants will let you come across some decent changes about migration. This will prevent any type of confusion.

Author: Bantu Majumder