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If you want to travel to Pakistan in order to expand your business, or to attend business meetings, or purchase goods, establish connections, or to attend the exhibitions, then you need a valid business visa.

To encourage, promote and grow the economy of the country, the Government of Pakistan is granting a five-year multi-entry business visa to foreign businesspeople. The Government of the Pakistan is granting a multiple entry business visa to individuals who are serious investors and want to grow, expand and promote their business in Pakistan.

Given that the world-around, immigration rules change frequently, it is essential that you contact our Pakistan-based immigration lawyers in order to confirm the precise immigration rules at the time of your interest.

If you are moving to Pakistan for business purposes, then you must have a valid business visa. Otherwise, fines could be imposed, or in some cases, detention might occur due to violation of this law.

Sadly, the Government of Pakistan does not grant business visas to the citizens of Israel. Conversion of a business visa into a work visa and vice versa has been discontinued. If you are a citizen of China and want to get a business visa for CPEC projects in Pakistan, then you can apply for a business visa.

You should not enter Pakistan without a specific category visa. Business visa is a legal authorisation that lets individuals travel to the Pakistan and to take part in business-related activities. The object of the visit must be to take part in business conferences, or business meetings, or business exhibitions, or to have business dealings, business negotiations, or to explore business opportunities and other business-related activities. Tourism is allowed on business visas.

The process of applying for a business visa is straightforward. Usually, the Government of Pakistan grants a business visa within 24 hours to the citizens of Non-Business Visa List countries. You can see the name of your country on the official website. Issuance of a business visa is the prerogative of the Government of Pakistan. Business visa applicants should submit an invitation letter provided by their business counterpart, recommended by the respective trade organizations in Pakistan.

You can apply for business visa online by submitting the following valid documents:

  • passport valid for six months and have at least 3 empty pages;
  • photograph;
  • proof of registration of company which is extending invitation (SECP/ Chamber of Commerce Certificate);
  • recommendation letter from CC&I of respective foreign country;
  • invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by concerned trade organization in Pakistan – in order to get this REQUIRED DOCUMENT, apply through Pakistan’s E-Business Invitation Letter System;
  • recommendation letter by the honorary investment counselor of BOI/Commercial Attaché.

It is a mandatory requirement to upload proof of legal residence, if you are not present in your home country and are applying for a visa from a third country. Business visa applications cannot be processed if required information is not provided and the application complete in all respects.

Sometimes the business visa application is sent back for review, and the set processing time will be applicable again. Then, fresh processing time will be applicable and will commence from the date of resubmission. A business visa application might be cancelled, if you do not resubmit the work application within seven days. It is a mandatory requirement, and the period will not be extended for resending the review application.

You can apply for an extension of a business visa, if a business visa is already granted to you. To get the extension, you must have a valid Pakistani Visa and reside in Pakistan as well. You cannot stay in Pakistan beyond the stay period granted.

It is a strict requirement that you cannot work on the payroll of a Pakistani company on a business visa. For working in Pakistan, you need to apply for a work visa which has separate legal requirements and criteria.

The Government of Pakistan does not provide any monetary support or funds to stay in the country. You must have sufficient funds to stay in Pakistan. It is your duty to follow the immigration laws of the country. Breach of any rule or regulation can result in a fine or sentence. In order to protect you from criminal prosecution, you must obey the laws of the country.

You can not violate the immigration rules and regulations that govern the stay in Pakistan for business activities. Other than the immigration rules, you must also follow the other laws of the country.  If you overstay your visa or violate the terms, you may be detained, arrested, fined, and/or imprisoned.

Pakistan’s economy is growing day by day. Pakistan has strong business potential and one of the Asia most emerging economies.