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2020, the year the world stood still

No one could have predicted the global standstill that came in 2020 and continues in waves through 2021 as the vaccine is rolled out.

The Covid 19 pandemic swept the world leaving in its wake global restrictions on international mobility and migration. In addition to the clear disruption to travel and legal migration, significant limitations on immigration and migration routes have had far-reaching repercussions, repercussions that will potentially last for years, if not generations.

Moving between countries as families, key workers, asylum seekers or simply seeking a better life had enough hurdles before the Covid. Post-Covid, Countries continue to implement strict immigration policies to contain the spread of the virus. Those policies will take time to undo.

So, what does that mean for you?

Whilst certain travel technologies have leapt forward – such as touchless baggage check-in and greater automated passport systems – with it has come an increase in anti-immigration dialogue and racism.

In addition to the restrictions imposed, a fear of the virus has paused many immigration opportunities as individuals and families take stock, as businesses and places of employment pause.

As those fears start to lift, restaurants start to open again, and businesses reevaluate opportunities in a post-Covid economy we see Immigration and the global migration figures start to move again.

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